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Ever wonder if the definition of a word has changed the more you hear it being utilized? During the 4-hour and then some long School Board Meeting for Hillsborough County Public School, the word mitigate was thrown around maybe more than the word political. Everyone wants to mitigate the spread…

As could very well be predicted, particularly with the addition of medical reports from local health “officials” [who were as inarticulate as one could expect], the School Board of Hillsborough County voted to require masks for all students and staff with no opting out form.

Karen Perez of District 5 of the Hillsborough County School Board in Tampa, Florida says she has parents of students calling telling her that students are afraid to eat at lunch because they are sitting so close to others.

Um. Where dey do that at?

What I have seen at lunch is kids sitting spaced out, but voluntarily getting all up in one another’s space because it is one of their only times to be…kids. These kids are having a damn great time at lunch, especially when the adults are not circling them like vultures waiting to police them about safety protocols.

If your kid is scared at lunch, you did that to them…and maybe the school staff did, too. Boy, these kids are gonna be so fucked up!

Sometimes, it becomes obvious what an outcome will be based on the parameters established. In a bizarre but predictable move, Hillsborough County Public Schools held a what has now become a 4.5 hour School Board Meeting during work hours. Obviously, employees would not be able to attend. This means that…

School District member Nadia T. Combs of District 1 references Miami-Dade and Broward Counties “breaking the law” to support her opinion that students and staff should be 100% masked (The “law” in question is referring to DeSantis order that schools in Florida not mandate masks.) Let us remember that Hillsborough County Schools doesn’t care about breaking the law. It is in their blood. The District continued to allow school segregation for several years past Brown v Board of Education (maybe 9 year, I cannot remember). The first Black Board member didn’t exist in Hillsborough County until the 1980s.

If you thought education wasn’t political, you have been asleep. All of it is politics — before coronavirus, and forever more.

Melissa Snively, Board Member of District 4, you are in a league of your own.

It is humid af outside beginning early in the morning. And the sun has been shining bright with no cloud coverage. Parents are dropping off their children at school and shouting at them one last time to put on the mask, pull up the mask, and/or make sure to wear…

Dear Concerned Black Persons (and persons of other varieties),

This is about me. Not you. Not Shannell nor Keisha and her mama n’em. Not Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia,
Dawn, LeShaun, Ines, and Alicia
Teresa, Monica, Sharon, Nicki
Lisa, Veronica, Karen, Vicky
Tonya, Diane, Lori, and Carla
Marina, Selena…

I have shopped in Nordstrom Rack for decades though it hasn’t been in my present city (or state) for that long. It has been one of my mom’s favorite stores. I don’t have big feelings attached to it. …

B.F. Skinner’s book

While still searching for the explanation B. F. Skinner provides for the term “common sense,” I came across this statement about “truth” in About Behaviorism (emphasis mine):

The truth of a statement of fact is limited by the sources of the behavior of the speaker, the control exerted by the…

This marks the beginning of my series Trust the Science in which I will briefly outline scientific experimentation on unsuspecting people in the United States of America by the medical community. But I will begin with medical diagnoses.

classic image of a runaway slave

illness: Drapetomania

years active: 1851- ?

scientist: Dr. Samuel A. Cartwright; born…


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