can you find the truth on social media?

As I stated recently, I have returned to Medium to determine if I can write bluntly. In the past 15 months, I have become increasingly aware of YouTubers and Facebookers stating that they have been flagged (censored) for mentioning certain topics about Trump, most topics with regard to the coronavirus, and a host of other things.

image of Twitter censoring Trump found here

I am aware the Facebook will flag content about the coronavirus which they deem to be misinformation, and then will post some type of banner with the “correct” information for the public. YouTube content creators will mention that they cannot say the word coronavirus for fear of being flagged, demonetized, or shut down. And this leads to the question,

Can you find the truth on social media?

If you cannot speak about topic “X,” or you cannot speak about “x” part of topic “X,” or if a social media platform owner will insert its own words into someone else’s content, how can we ever know up from down and right from left?

Do we trust the inherent good nature of a YouTube, Facebook, or Medium platform owner above that of the individual content creators?

Do the owners of Twitter and Instagram have access to a real truth that content creators cannot obtain?

Do we trust that there is a moral and/or ethical code that platform owners abide by that supersedes that of the common man?

I am in no way implying that truth can be found on non social media such as MSNBC or Fox.

just [re-] testing out the platform