you got the shot, so you good, right?

Coronavirus shots have been available for every adult in my state for at least one month. Health care workers and senior citizens were the initial groups back in December — 5 months ago. And 18 years olds were the last group although now, I believe, children aged 10–15 can get it, too.

These shots have been available at doctor’s offices, a big box retailer, drug stores, universities, and the dog track among other honorable places. There have been virtually no lines and no wait for those in pursuit. Advertisements are everywhere; you cannot run and hide. Thus we assume that everyone who has wanted to get a shot has gotten it. And those who didn’t want to get a shot did not get one.

And so with the coronavirus shot and accompanying certificate and going on six months under our belt, why are those that have been shot concerned about those who have not?

You got the shot, so you good, right? Aren’t you? You ARE GOOD, right?

You have an immunization/vaccination against the virus. Your immune system has been provoked to goodness by modern medicine. You should not be affected by the sickness. And if you are surrounded by those who have not had the shot, you should remain fearless in regard to yourself and those like you. You should have no worries.

As it stands, what is your current concern with those who have chosen not to get the shot? Are you that pious? It is your citizenly duty? Are you that committed to everyone else’s personal health circumstances that you must impose your unsolicited advice and will upon them?

Or do you enjoy having perceived power and benefits over others? Do you enjoy a sense of superiority and virtue signaling? Do you enjoy reporting your neighbors? Do you enjoy policing the behavior of others?

Have you become a different person as a result of this year-plus-long experience? Or is your real character finally being elucidated?

Why aren’t you good now?

just [re-] testing out the platform